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. >> reporter: dan trained as a butcher, and steve, a former finance guy, started dreaming about getting a truck back in 2011. they found a used fedex truck and spent the next few months retrofitting it. threw a few test lunch-ins. >> i learned that it's crazy hot. we have to prepare and prepare. and keep preparing. >> reporter: but making it depends on more than just cooking good food. here in columbus, these newbie businessmen get support from a nonprofit development organization called ecdi. >> we have a small kitchen that rents out for $18 an hour. >> reporter: so if i own a food truck, what would be a benefit out of working out of this space? what do i get for my money? >> we help them with the marketing aspect, we help them with the social media, with food safety. we also go out and network and find them locations to do their jobs. >> reporter: there's also a secure parking lot, electric hook-ups, grease disposal and industrial-sized sinks. and for dan and steve, cash. >> don't spend more than you have to. but also make sure you pay yourself. >> reporter: having already sunk most of their
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1